Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TOOL # 11: Reflections

1. My favorite tool that I now have on my toolbox is tool #3: Image Generators & Mashups because I have the most fun working on it and I think that this would be something that my kinder class can actually use. I think that I would use this to teach them sight-words and new vocabulary. This can also serve as a "prize" for the students who learned the words or vocab. that was required.
2. My thinking has been transformed majorly- I never knew that there were so many different online resources that teacher could use to communicate with each other and to teach the students new objectives. This especially hit home with me when we came to tool #4. I never knew that Google had a program where I could upload my lesson plans or new ideas so that my peers could edit it.
3. I think that the most unexpected item that surprised me was the way that the children could learn through games. This was demonstrated through tool # 10- when I saw the video of the little girl "playing" with her ipod, it really hit home how technology can really serve our purpose. :)

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  1. Yeah! I'm glad you finished 11 Tools and found some new things to use even in Kinder. :0)