Friday, July 2, 2010

TOOL # 6

I have actually used wiki before- wikipedia. I think that it is one of the most easiest ways of obtaining information. All you do is type in what you are looking for and if there is an entry about it on wikipedia it will pull it up and show it to you. The only downfall to this is that it is created and edited by people who are not proffesionals- so sometimes the information may not be accurate. I think that a way to use this in my classroom would be just to get more information on vocabulary and usefull information that can be passed down to the students. The reason for this is because my students are young- they are in kinder, so this is kind of difficult for my kids to use. Another way that I could use a wiki is in collaborative teaching- if I want to creat a thematic unit and I wanted to share this with my team mates I could use a wiki so that everyone can help ceate the thematic unit.

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  1. Hi Carmen! Thank you for your explanation of Wiki- it helped me better understand the concept! I also liked your idea on how to use it with your teammates!