Friday, July 2, 2010

TOOL # 4

I can see the use for Google docs. especially in older grade levels. However, for teachers this is also a great online source for communication or for collaborative learning ideas. Through the use of Google docs. teachers can just upload a document that they think is usefull and give access to whoever they are working with- that way updates can be made without having to send emails with attachments back and forth. It's always there available 24/7 on any computer.

Google reader is also just as helpfull as Google docs. I think that this is another way to link your fellow collegues to your interests or thingst that you find important- in this case academically. The way that 11 Tools is asking us to do it makes it easier for teachers to communicate with each other- also is helps with keeping up with your blog- especially since you know that there will be people subscribing to it.

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